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I am a senior research fellow in Electronics and Computer Science at the University of Southampton. My research interests lie at the interface of the network, web and cognitive sciences. I am particularly interested in the way in which our access to network-enabled technologies and network-accessible information resources affects cognitive processes at both the individual and collective (social) levels. Some of my research seeks to understand the effect of network structures on collective problem-solving using computer simulations. I am also exploring some of the philosophical issues related to cognitive extension in contemporary and near-future network environments.

Recent Publications

Smart, Paul R. (in press) Toward a Mechanistic Account of Extended Cognition. Philosophical Psychology.

Smart, Paul R., Hall, Wendy and Boniface, Michael (2022) Relativistic Conceptions of Trustworthiness: Implications for the Trustworthy Status of National Identification Systems. Data & Policy, 4(Article e21):1-16.

Smart, Paul R. (2021) Shedding Light on the Extended Mind: HoloLens, Holograms, and Internet-Extended Knowledge. Frontiers in Psychology, 12(Article 675184):1-16.

Smart, Paul R., O'Hara, Kieron and Hall, Wendy (2021) Applying Mechanical Philosophy to Web Science: The Case of Social Machines. European Journal for Philosophy of Science, 11(3):1-29.

Smart, Paul R. (2020) Planet Braitenberg: Experiments in Virtual Psychology. Cognitive Systems Research, 64:73-95.

See my publications page for a full list of academic publications.

Work in Progress

Smart, Paul R. and Clowes, Robert W. (in prep) Epistemic Tolerance

Smart, Paul R. and Shadbolt Nigel R. (in prep) Social Machines: A Mechanistic Perspective

Research Interests

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Research Interests
Dr Paul Smart
Dr Paul Smart
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Electronics and Computer Science
University of Southampton
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